Prostate screening controversy

As NBC chief science correspondent commented:

What is needed are better methods of differentiating the cancer that is truly dangerous and needs to be treated, from the cancer that poses no risk. Such research is underway. Meanwhile, the National Institutes of Health has been running a study of 74,000 men since 1993, trying to determine whether screening saves lives. So far, it has not come to enough of a conclusion that the results have been released.

As with so many other aspects of this disease, men and their doctors must decide for themselves.

I would add to this that Dr. Dean Ornish’s group has shown that drinking 8 oz of pomegranate juice daily doubles the time required for the PSA to double in men with prostate cancer (reflecting slowed growth of the prostate cancer). More recently, laboratory studies have shown that rats fed the equivalent of 2 servings of walnuts per day show a decrease in tumor growth rate by a factor of 2.  So it can’t be a bad idea to eat walnuts and drink pomegranate juice frequently–while you decide whether or not you want a PSA screening test.