my interview tomorrow nite of “five to thrive” internet radio

Hey folks–doing what should be an interesting interview looking back over my career which began in natural medicine and developed into integrative oncology, nutrition and botanical medicine. I’m being interviewed by Karolyn Gazella, coauthor with naturopathic oncologist Lise Alschuler of a wonderful book called ‘Five to Thrive’-inspired by both authors’ encounters with cancer  both in themselves and in their families–and the things they learned that helped them not only to survive, but to thrive.  I met Lise when we both spoke at an International Medicine Conference about cancer in Australia last June, and she asked me if I’d consider being interviewed on their show. So, tomorrow night (August 22nd  at 8PM EST.) , you can go to and tune in.  See you there!

Omega-3 fatty acids may help reduce obesity

OK, so fish oil isn’t going to make you lose those extra 30 pounds you’re carrying. But it appears that keeping your omega-3 intake high, and your omega-6 intake (meat, poultry, warm weather vegetable oils) low, may contribute to making it easier to maintain a healthy weight—not to mention a healthy heart, healthy brain, healthy joints, healthy immune system, etc. etc…..

A recent study found:

Higher blood levels of omega-3 fatty acids may help reduce obesity, according to a new study from Australia’s University of Newcastle.

Omega-3 levels in people who are a healthy weight are 15 percent higher than in those who are overweight, the researchers reported in the British Journal of Nutrition.